A thousand and one ways to search media content

Facet search option

Find your media in just a simple click of the mouse thanks to the latest generation full-text search engine. Refine your search results with filters and facets.

Advanced search

Define combinations of specific criteria to filter search elements.

Intelligent views

Define in a few clicks the most appropriate views that suit your needs. Save and share them with other users.


With excellent precision, the forms guarantee extensive search options and are adaptable to your data structure.

By list of values

In just a few seconds, find all the results associated with a list of values refined by dynamic filtering.


With Google Maps technology, map your entire digital media collection.

By similarity

Our pattern recognition module allows you to find similar images without prior indexing.

Face recognition

Identify the people present on the photos thanks to our facial recognition tool. Finding photos of persons has never been so simple and fast.

Stunning and intuitive interfaces

100% Full Web HTML5

Our interfaces are optimized for web use and designed according to the latest HTML technological advances. Access your content from anywhere and enjoy simple and intuitive ergonomics.


Drag and drop your content and media to add, classify or export it.

Responsive sites

The ergonomics of our Responsive sites have been designed to provide the best user experience on any mobile device.

Customizing interfaces

Design your interface according to your graphic charter codes.

Team work success!

Media selection sharing

Choose the most appropriate media for your selection and share it with the right targets.

Collaborative workflows

A real virtual work room, you can invite your members to collaborate and exchange on media documents. Everything is available online and in real time.

Notes and comments from members

Feed the discussion by sharing your ideas with other users and encourage them to join in discussion areas serving their interest.

Notification to group members

All working group members are kept informed in real time of any additions, changes or comments.

Optimize with Keepeek

Automatic processing of files

All media that you add is automatically declined into several definitions. Your users will benefit from the most suitable format fitting their needs.

Image transformation

Resizing, recropping, caneva use, size optimization: the tool manages the processing of images for all usages including eCommerce.

Video transformation

The videos are automatically generated in the usual web formats (420p, 720p, 1080p). They are easily searchable even when away from the office.

Document transformation

All documents are automatically declined in PDF to allow web reading with any media. A version of the document in full HTML 5 is also available via a dedicated reader for mobile devices.

Online image editor

Useful for users who do not have Photoshop, our module allows images to be edited online before downloading.

PDF/EXCEL contact board generator

Select your images and transform them into PDF/Excel.

Do you speak Keepeek ?

Multilingual interface management

Available in multiple languages, the interface is highly adaptable.

Multilingual data management

The data in your classification plan, your thesaurus and your forms are declined in different languages.

Multilingual search engine

The search engine adapts its behavior to the user language.

Automatic feedback mechanisms

Simplify the translation and save time with automatic copying of field values from one language to another.

Add content every which way!

By browser

Use your favorite web browser to add your content. All browser types are considered. A simple drag & drop is enough to add files from your computer.


Place a large volume of files on your server through our deposit module via FTP, they will then be directly imported into Keepeek.

By mail

Every email, whatever its nature, contains a direct link to the photo library in order to increase file transfers.

Using the simplified contribution module

Do you have a lot of users? They are not image experts? This module is specifically designed for them to easily add new content.

By iPhone application

Directly from your iPhone or iPad, send your pictures to the server in just a few seconds.

Batch indexing

Index all your content in a few clicks thanks to batch processing.

Your media will travel

Simple exports

Instantly download a file with its description data.

Image permalinks

Generate new versions of your images on the server and share url in your CMS.

Embedded video player

Share a video or integrate it into your websites thanks to the embed features of the video player.

Embedded document e-reader

As with videos, your documents can be integrated with an e-reader in all your websites.

Publication of media to websites and social networks

Select your images and generate a responsive gallery to integrate into your websites.

Media regular exports

Thanks to export server scripts, regularly send your media to your eCommerce servers or your catalog tools. Take the opportunity to optimize their size and weight automatically.

Do not mess with security

Users groups

Create users groups and organize rights to features and contents.

Sharp access to data

For each piece of content, define reading, writing, or deleting rules based on user privileges.

SSO and contact directories

Log in automatically from an external authentication server thanks to LDAP & SSO connectors: CAS, Kerberos, SAML, Azure: there is something for everyone.

Deleting files

Protect your data with file restoration.

Authors rule!

Management of user rights

Add user conditions of your artwork: image rights, copyright, models… Protect your business against visuals misuses.

Automatic rights alerts

You are constantly alerted when a media is about to expire. Notify your users with one click and remove any obsolete media from publication.

Contract management

For flawless management of rights, keep and centralize all contracts that have been signed. Connect your contracts with your media.

Acceptance of terms

When you export your media, ask your users to accept the terms of use directly into Keepeek.

Traceability of all actions

The content history allows all actions to be traced and to know who did what and when.

The Keepeek app has it all

Adobe plugin

View and download your images in Keepeek directly into Photoshop or Illustrator.

Office plugin

Integrate your images directly into your Word and Powerpoint documents.


Integrate Keepeek with your Sharepoint portals to add all the multimedia content.


Integrate Keepeek with your applications thanks to a simple and intuitive Restful API.