The story begins back in 2008...

The Digital Asset Management market is dominated by big companies, a start-up – an intriguing palindrome – appears in 2008. Keepeek quickly gains ground within the sector and aims to become a DAM market reference. Keepeek successfully launches the first SAAS DAM platform in December 2009. The following year, the Ministry of Research rewards Keepeek with a Young Innovative Company label.

Keepeek successfully launches the first SAAS DAM platform
Keepeek adopts the SCRUM method

Two years later, Keepeek has 100 clients and adopts the SCRUM method

2010 is the year that marks the opening of the Keepeek project center. Combining technology and human support, Keepeek develops expertise that is quickly recognized. The company now boasts 100 customers.

The team is also growing very fast. Composed of 10 employees, Keepeek uses agile methods to organize team work. By adopting Scrum, specific customer demands are more easily addressed e.g. speed of delivery and ensuring deadlines are met. Among the first major accounts for Keepeek: la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, De Dietrich, Mattel, Airbus, etc…

Keepeek continues to evolve and extend throughout France

In 2013, Keepeek moves into a new office on the rue Commines. At the same time, a second agency is opened in Rennes. This choice reflects the desire to improve proximity to customers and to be closer to the pool of engineers available in Rennes, a famous university town. This allows Keepeek to reach a total of 20 employees and 200 customers.

The Keepeek team at Saint Malo
Keepeek joins the Capterra world ranking list

Capterra world ranking – confirmed success

In 2014, Keepeek further evolves in terms of its management process and the Kanban method is integrated. Offering customers better flexibility and greater responsiveness, Keepeek is now able to provide a new version of its software every 5 weeks.

In 2015, Keepeek joins the Capterra world ranking list, which elects the top 20 DAM software editors. That same year, Keepeek opens up a second office in Paris.