Statistical tools – a redesign of your control system

How can we know if a tool is effective? A simple question requiring an equally simple response: by looking to see if we use it.

In the case of the DAM, the content made available to users must be relevant and accurately assessed. And your content is always evolving, given that it’s linked to your new product releases and other major corporate events. The conclusion: your DAM is alive!

Available since January 2018, the new Keepeek statistics module has been enriched with essential features for trackingyour user activity, the vitality of your Back-Office and user portal platforms, as well as the relevance of your documentary collection.

The new interface, which is both more comprehensive and more intuitive has been specially designed to publish visual reports.


A true toolkit, the Keepeek statistics module allows you to monitor:

  • 📈 Your platforms’ activity: statistics on uploads, the viewing and the downloading of your media
  • 📈 Searches performed by your users: number of searches, search results, search mode used
  • 📈 User activity: filter statistics based on user groups
  • 📈 The relevance of your content: search results, number of videos played and playback time
  • 📈 The reach of your media on the Internet and on social networks: number of views and downloads from third-party sites, number of views and shares on social networks

For integration into your presentations or for sharing your KPIs, all statistics can be displayed, exported or printed to PDF.

Photo credits : Nicole De Khors