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ATRYA – the launch of a multi-brand database

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February 25, 2013
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Atrya the launch of a multi brand database

ATRYA proposes European scale solutions for housing in several key areas: windows, doors, porches, shutters, garage doors, interior and exterior joinery for construction and new energy solutions. The brands within the group, including Tryba and Soprofen, enjoy an excellent reputation among professionals and the general public. To ensure consistency with existing communication and marketing tools, the group has decided to implement a global solution for its media management. However, this is easier said than done ... In fact, each brand has its own database with contents of varying natures. Uses and needs are highly specific to each entity. As for users, they also have specific needs depending on what brand they work for.

For example:

  • Tryba: needs to broadcast video products, mainly images targeted at a wide community of dealers. These same files are used internally to develop the catalog.
  • Soprofen: wants not only to post images, but a significant number of documents: product sheets, technical docs, rates, order forms. Some documents are intended to be published, but others must remain confidential.

  • The common goal is to promote brands downstream, including distributors and installers. However, each entity should be allowed to do this in its own way.

    Major challenge: how to implement a comprehensive solution while each brand retains its privacy?

    A multi brand media database for ATRYA

    One of the key strengths of Keepeek: the management of user rightsIn this context, the Keepeek solution reveals all its resources. Beyond the qualities of media management, Keepeek software has a very advanced user rights management mechanism. It enables each brand to easily manage its own files, without interfering with others. Within each brand, a sub division can assign the roles required to maintain the workflow and download tasks. This excellent management of user rights is a powerful tool when implementing a media library.

    Keepeek tips

    The Keepeek team intervenes upstream and considers the best way to organize files according to the constraints of each entity. Brand databases have been audited to establish the optimized file plans for each brand. This work was particularly appreciated as the funds and needs of the brands were not always consistent.

    Soprofen multi brand database

    To complete the presentation of the database while strengthening the identity of each brand, broadcasting sites have been launched. This means visitors can recognize the graphic style of each brand. This customization project was also completed by Keepeek.


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