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Dive into the details of your assets and boost your indexation performance !

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March 23, 2018
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Did you know that on average an employee spends 7.5 hours per weeksearching for documents and information?* Thankfully, the implementation ofa DAM solution results in the drastic decrease in time and energy spent onthis task.

The key to enabling your users to easily find content lies in the precise indexing of your media as well as accurate search tools. Great news!Keepeek's latest version, v4.10.0 offers new tools for effectively managingyour document collection and improving the indexing of your content.

Discover new functionalities dedicated to improving the readability of yourmedia such as adaptive streaming or the ability to display your PDFs asimages.

🗓 Discover all these new functionalities in version 4.10.0,available to you on the cloud since March 16.

1/💥NEW 💥User search statistics

With statistics already available on the viewing and sharing of yourimages, documents and videos, the new Keepeek statistics module continuesto grow!

Using your Back Office, now find detailed search statistics on your media:

-number of searches

-search results

-search method used (full-text search, guided search)

Thanks to this detailed information:

-identify the most widely searched for content and create baskets toquickly share this content

-identify new content to be added according to the needs of yourusers and optimise your folder tree by pinpointing unsuccessful searches

-measure the reach of your media on the internet by monitoring theamount of media posted to third-party sites

-view and print graphical representations of your statistics in therange of your choice

2/💥NEW 💥Combining the indexing modes of your media

Precise or optimised indexing? Now, you don't have to choose!

By choosing to enable both indexing modes, allow users to search for mediaby typing precise characters (for example a product reference), or byexpanding the search to include similar terms (singular, plural, upper- orlower-case, with or without accents etc.).

3/💥NEW 💥Automatically adapting to the video streamingquality

For a smooth and constant video playback, the Keepeek player automatically adapts the playout format according to the available bandwidth and the screen resolution of your visitors.

NB: This update will initially only be available for videos viewed via yourBack-Office, or shared or integrated on a third-party site. Your userportals will receive this update shortly.

4/💥NEW 💥Display PDFs as images

Thanks to the "Image" button in the document's preview mode, view the 1st page of your PDF as an image.

This will deliver precise colour accuracy, ideal for viewing yourproduction files (packaging, technical drawings, etc.).

5/⚡IMPROVED ⚡Sending e-mails in the language ofthe recipient

Keepeek is breaking down the language barrier!

Automatically send basket sharing invitations, collaboration notificationsand all Keepeek e-mails in the interface language chosen by each of your users.

6/⚡IMPROVED ⚡User portals: Addition ofclickable URL links

Now, all the URLs added in index fields are clickable links.

The links open in a new tab in your visitors' internet browser to allowthem to navigate comfortably without leaving the site.

*Source: Association Information et Management (AIM)


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