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A new DAM for the Rocher Group brands
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June 8, 2017
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DAM for Yves Rocher


Season 1 What DAM for the Rocher Group - Episode 1: How to define and deploy an internationally scaled multi-brand project

Icons of female beauty and well-being, the Rocher Group brands must display a brand identity up to their respective reputation.

Each day, hundreds of digital assets are produced and classified in more than fifteen countries to promote the brands and support the sales processes. The group brands have therefore decided to join forces and build a common content solution and standardize their practice. Real Google for the group brands, this new device called MyMedia is a strong support for all teams in charge of commercial and corporate communication contents, every day.

The French company Keepeek was chosen to support the Rocher Group every step of the multi-country and multi-brand project.

Mrs Christine Ambros, MyMedia program manager and Communication and Marketing means director and Mr Mansour Kellel, in charge of Digital and member of the MyMedia project steering comity, agreed to answer our questions on the challenges and components of this Digital Asset Management project.

What are the strategic issues of such a project for the Rocher Group?

The Rocher Group brands have been using various media management tools for years (Photolibraries, Sharepoint, OneDrive, network space, etc.) Each brand had their own range of solutions, sometimes aging.

It had become vital to rationalize and standardize the items reference and dissemination process around one main latest-generation solution.

The main project issues were numerous:

- Achieve economies of scale on production and content management costs
- Monitor our brand image and insure its consistency worldwide
- Rationalize and standardize the production processes between the brands
- Benefit from a greater content reuse, especially internationally
- Secure the Brands and Group content heritage
- Replace tools which had become outdated

Has it been easy to convince the brands to join this consolidation project?

More than seven brands are today represented among the Group: Yves Rocher, Stanhome/ Kiotis, ID Parfum, Docteur Pierre Ricaud, Daniel Jouvance and Petit Bateau.

Each has a strong and deeply-rooted brand identity among the general public. The challenge was to convince each brand to join a common project while securing the creative dynamic of each brand. The brands embraced our proposal because we were all convinced of the strategic need to reconcile our process and multimedia assets management standards. Thanks to the brands’determination to work together, we were able to convince our board to launch this ambitious project.

To ensure a complete participation from the brands to this project, the involvement of the Group Digital Department, as well as the Yves Rocher brand communication direction have been essential. Moreover, all the business zone directors also contributed to this project’s adoption.

How do you conduct a Media Content Management project?

This is indeed the first challenge we have had to face. We started by leading background work to identify matters that had a multi-brand scope.
This process helped us identify the following questions:

- How do we merge the processes?
- Which bias can be shared by all the brands?
o user experience consistency when navigating from one brand to another (same upload/filing/publication rules)
o Common sheets and object definition (up to 80%) between the brands
o Great principles regarding accesses, profiles and rights
o Common challenges regarding tool performance
o How to agree on a common frame (folder tree structure, folder naming, profile definition, image rights, etc.)?

- How to find a content organization model that would be compatible with each brand’s specificities?
- How to find content formats which would be adapted to all brand usages?
- How to find common governance rules?

The design workshops gathered all the brands. We decided to start the project with a pilot brand (Yves Rocher), then progressively include the other brands.

Right from the project beginning, we validated the rules with the brands to maximize the use of the Keepeek product. This upstream work constituted a key in the multi-brand project success.

Throughout the project, each brand was represented by a key user, in charge of questions and decisions. The various brands were therefore involved in most decisions.

On the ground, we were able to measure each brand’s difference in approach regarding their processes. It was therefore fundamental to take those differences into account to ensure a swift and efficient transition and change management.

Precisely, how was the change management conducted?

The change management took place at several levels.

On the ground

With Keepeek, we first organized multi-brand workshops, then workshops for each brand. From the project start, each key user was responsible for:
- participating in the conception and multi-brand settings
- evaluating the brand’s specificities
o define the folder trees
o define the Front Office look&feel for their brand
o contribute to their perimeter data recovery

A communication plan was also put into place through newsletters and on site meetings. There has also been a more viral communication on the internal social network and videos were produced for the occasion. This change management was useful to inform and train everyone and ensure that MyMedia became a solution at the heart of each collaborator’s everyday life.

To the executive committees, we led road shows at executive committees to inform the various sponsors of the project progress. The project was also introduced to the Senior Management. The direct involvement of our top management in this project was a great help.

The Rocher Group brands are very active internationally. How did you address this issue?

DAM Yves Rocher

One of the project challenges lies in the international brand image control. For this, we have had to reinforce our vigilance, making sure everything was available in English (interface as well as content) and the “anywhere” access.

The main aspects on which we focused our attention were the following:
- English: interface and indexed content
- « anywhere » access and profile management control
- Symbolic brand image reference tool positioning. We took advantage of the project to revisit all our content to meet this goal.
- Monitoring on an international scale: a new position was created: process owner, in touch with all countries to take charge of technical and functional support.

In terms of the project, we have identified Group collaborators from three countries to help build the solution. Then, local referents from all countries took charge of communication and training for their market users. Another component concerns the content translation. The Keepeek application being multilingual, we have been able to organize content in several languages.

Some key figures on the Rocher Group’s Keepeek solution!

- 7 brands
- More than 220 000 of quality media, classified and indexed, i.e. around 3 To
- 2000 users
- An average of more than 950 daily connections
- 64 countries

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