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Keepeek Version 3.7.5 is out now!

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May 17, 2014
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keepeek version 375 is out now

The May 2014 version has been successfully launched on the Keepeek Cloud. Discover all the new functions of our digital asset management software now!

Video sequencing

This new mechanism allows you to create video sequences. It is also now possible to describe the video sequence by sequence and to directly access the scenes you want to view. The cut and paste process is extremely simple and intuitive to use. It is perfectly adapted to medium and long-length videos.

Indexation copying

You can now re-use indexing that you've already created for other media content. Using a straightforward copy/paste function, you can now recopy information from one piece of media content and apply it to others. You will save a considerable amount of time when it next comes to indexing your projects.

Cover photo

The cover photo can now be modified in order to display a more suitable thumbnail. This system is particularly useful to change the cover photo of a video or when presenting a preview of PAO files.

New collaborative basket experience

Comments can now be used as shortcuts through the use of hashtags - this means media can be directly accessed. Simply cite the media content number in the comment to create an automatic link to it. A new tab allows you to access the list of basket members - so you can know who you are working with on a particular selection. It is now possible to unsubscribe from a collaborative basket mailing list.

Indexation engine rules

This mechanism completes the update implemented in the previous version. You can now set search engine behavior for terminology, plurals, word use and so on.


  • Addition - "Notify members" when you right click on one of your shared baskets.
  • In shared basket settings, improvement of deleted member management.
  • File import - activation of meta data recovery on scroll-down lists.
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