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New horizons for Airbus and DAM Keepeek

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September 3, 2015
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new horizons for Airbus and DAM Keepeek

The Airbus Force Lite application steps out of the box and away from the norms of classic Digital Asset Management projects. Images have been integrated into an app and made available on tablets with a view to helping Airbus sales teams in their pitches to clients. Pierre Binet, an expert in commercial innovation at Airbus, unveils the ins and outs of this exciting new project.

How did the idea of the Force Lite project come about?

The aim was to give sales teams a tool they could use on their tablets which would group together all the information required when meeting a client. Thanks to Force Lite, sales teams can select clients from the portfolio and then have all the latest information on those clients. Product information - in this case, aircraft - is also available. In addition to this, the app supplies infomation on the state of the market, current trends and all the latest Airbus news.

Is Force Lite intended solely for sales teams?

Of course, our main target is sales teams, but we also think managers will be able to make good use of it. Managers can use the app in a different way. They don't really require client details, but it is of interest to them to have access to a summary of a group of clients or a group of products.

On the other hand, when sales teams open the app, they will find that they can fully prepare a trip to see a client and work out exactly what they are going to say. The application contains a host of key communication messages intended to guide the sales teams.

What kind of impact will this new app have on the way sales teams work?

Those sales teams equipped with tablets have already changed those habits targeted by the app. Through learning how the app functions on their tablets, sales teams have demonstrated that they can now access and make use of key information with a view to better approaching clients.

The Force Lite project was born between Keepeek and Airbus

In addition to documents and key messages, you've also integrated photos? Why did you decide to do so?

We're absolutely convinced that images have a pedagogical use that can very much assist our sales team during client presentations. Aircraft can be shown from a great angle in photo format and selling becomes easier this way. Also, when dealing with more technical subjects, images are often more powerful than long oral presentations. Interior photographs, or images of the very latest cockpits mean that we can demonstrate the very best of our latest innovations within a mere second.

The photos in the Force Lite app have been selected by the Airbus Marketing Division, which means our sales teams have the highest quality Airbus images available. This selection allows our sales teams to be confident in the fact that they no longer have to wade through the thousands of photos on Photolib. They have what they need to hand.

How long has it taken to integrate Force Lite into Keepeek?

Two days was enough for us to complete this stage of the project. Our team used API Restful from Keepeek to connect the tablets to DAM. The whole process was very quick. The API online documentation is highly educational and means users need to rely less on the support team. This new framework is a precious advantage in terms of increasing use of DAM.

Keepeek has integrated Airbus Force Lite application

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