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What's new in Keepeek version 4.71

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Deletion of the reference asset when a duplicate is detected

In the administration interface, we have enriched the duplicates management feature when importing asset: it is now possible to delete the reference asset from the classification plan instead of the newly imported duplicate asset.

Enrichment of information in CSV exports

CSV exports benefit from 3 new "technical" fields: the asset extension, the colorimetry for images and the number of pages for documents.

API evolution: item classification requests

It is now possible to trigger a classification request workflow via the API.

Display of a Date technical field under the thumbnails

From now on, it is possible to display the export date under the thumbnails in the search results of the administration interface.

This feature needs to be enabled by Keepeek. 

Contact us at csm@keepeek.com to set it up.

Corrections in the administration interface

Statistics: it is now possible to add the login in the statistics of failed connections. This feature needs to be activated by Keepeek and must be in accordance with your RGPD.

Security update: we have upgraded the ckEditor component.

Guest visitors can now make a download request.

From now on, the owner of the shopping cart appears systematically in the cart on the top left. Previously, it only appeared in case of active sharing.

On the contact sheets: 

  • a slight margin has been added to manage the display of many asset on one page
  • a correction in the rendering of the thumbnail outline has been made.

Date of availability of the version

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday March 30, 2022. 


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