Keepeek v4.12.0 : Plug your DAM to your other collaborative tools !

May 16, 2018
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Plugin Google Drive

In a survey published at the end of April*, the Club des experts de la sécurité de l'information et du numérique (CESIN - Club for experts in the security of information and digital data) estimated that on average companies officially have about 30 to 40 cloud applications. This is actually an underestimate of the actual figure but sheds light on the real rise in the use of collaborative tools. To help you with this change, Keepeek is increasing its links to your other tools.

Consequently, following its integration with Adobe Indesign, Keepeek now offers you a new plugin for importing and exporting media directly to and from Google Drive.

And for even more precise adaptation to your environment, you can customise emails sent from your DAM.

This version also brings its share of improvements, for a simpler daily management of your thesaurus.

🗓 Discover all these new functionalities in version 4.12.0, available toyou on the cloud since May 11.

1 /💥NEW 💥Importing and exporting media with Google Drive

Following its integration with AdobeⓇ Creative CloudⓇ, MicrosoftⓇ Officeand SharePointⓇ, your Keepeek Back Office portal now interfaces with Google Drive.

Easily import items from your Google Drive to Keepeek without having to download them locally to your desktop.

From the Keepeek upload window, click on the "Google Drive" button toaccess your online files and select the ones you wish to import.

You can also export media to the Google Drive folder of your choice from your Back Office as well as from your user portals.

To do this, simply choose "Google Drive" in the dedicated window forsending media.

👷 If you wish to enable this feature, please contact your Keepeek Project Manager.

2 /💥NEW💥Customisation of emails sent using Keepeek

Harmonise emails sent to your users when sharing items, notifications, andmore, with that of your company's other communication tools!

To adapt them to your corporate identity and style guide, you can now:

customise email subjects, to add for example the name of your company ormedia library

add a header and a footer to your emails, integrating your logo

adjust the colour of the action buttons that appear in the body of themail

👷To set up your email templates, please contact your Keepeek Project Manager.

3 /⚡IMPROVED ⚡Management of the thesaurus

For a more efficient management of your thesaurus, the backbone of yourDAM, discover a host of improvements:

Optimisation of the relevance of suggestions while indexing intherausus-related fields

Ability to disable the display of the number of items associated with thesaurus terms. Ideal for decreasing the display time of large thesauri,this feature can be configured using the menu located in the "Thesaurusterms" page

Ability to move a keyword to the root of the thesaurus if it cannot belinked to an existing term

Ability to move a keyword in the thesaurus tree by directly choosing its parent term. A practical alternative to a drag and drop in large thesauri!

Ability to export a thesaurus in all languages with a single click. Thisresults in a significant amount of time saved checking to ensure that yourthesaurus is complete in all the search languages!

Removal of the display of synonyms present in the thesaurus from thefaceted search

4 /⚡IMPROVED ⚡Expiry notifications for the items

Keepeek allows you to easily identify the media for which the rights haveexpired so you can remove them from your communications.

Receive a detailed list, via notifications which now include:

For administrators: a list of the 50 first expired, with a thumbnaildisplay and a direct link to view each medium, an Excel file containing thecomplete list of expired items

For users who have downloaded expired media: the list of expired mediaand the last action performed (export, modification, annotation etc.)

5 /💥NEW 💥Automatically adapting to the video streaming quality

For seamless video playback, the Keepeek player automatically adapts the playout format according to the available bandwidth and the screen resolution of your visitors.

Available since March on your Back Office, this change is now available forvideos viewed on your user portals.

👷👷To enable this feature, please contact your Keepeek Project Manager.

*Source: Club des Experts de la Sécurité de l’Information et du Numérique, Shadow IT France 2017 Symantec/CESIN report

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