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Keepeek release 4.33: Improving the platform for the challenges of 2020!

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December 19, 2019
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Besides developing features (detailed below), our developers have also worked on technical improvements to get the platform ready for the challenges of 2020! Our goal: provide an even stronger and more efficient platform for our ever growing SaaS client community!

Counter of linked assets displayed on asset tab

You no longer need to click on the 'Links' tab to know whether an asset is linked to others (and how many). As soon as you view the asset information, a counter appears on the 'Links' tab with the exact number of linked assets.

Modifications in linked assets displayed in the asset history

When consulting the asset history, you can now view when linked assets have been added, modified or removed from the asset.

Additions in the API: 10 000 limit removed

The Keepeek API, used to push the DAM content onto other dissemination channels, is getting more and more popular. We improve it regularly to make it more comprehensive. We have just lifted the API call limit previously set up at 10 000 assets per request. You can now more easily synchronise your DAM with your eCommerce website or your PIM, for example!

New possibilities in the Front End Advanced Search

In the Front End Advanced Search feature, it is easier to search for numbers, URLs and empty fields (to find assets for which one or several specific fields were not filled)!

Search history on the Front End: now also displaying previous advanced searches

Until now, the search history widget displayed on Front End homepages only showed free text searches. Advanced searches are now also displayed in the search history. Each type of search is identified by a pictogram, to better distinguish the two search modes.

New possibilities for the Front End filter search

You can now filter the search results on assets for which there is no value: this is especially useful to search for assets which have not been completely described!

Please note, unlike the back end developments, the front end improvements are not made available automatically. Please get in touch with your account manager should you wish to get them on your Front End.

Update date

The new release will be live on the Cloud from Tuesday, December 31!

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