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News about the 4.54 Keepeek release

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March 11, 2021
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API Evolutions

Multiple addition to a basket

The API now offers the possibility to add a selection of items to a basket, rather than having to do it individually for each asset.

Recovery of authorized export formats by file type

The retrieval of possible export formats for a selection of items has been improved and enriched with information on the formats retrieved

Simplified custom downloads

A simplified approach now exists on the API side to trigger custom format downloads.

Administration interface fixes

- CSV exports are now systematically done in UTF8

- A robustness has been added in case of inconsistency between interface and user data languages to ensure exports anyway

- The thesaurus tooltips were displayed in French whatever the language of the data chosen, this problem has been corrected.

- The dimensions of custom image formats could not exceed a certain predefined size (1200 x 900 px). This restriction has been removed.

- A problem with time zone differences in the statistical search has been fixed.

- The sending of the user status in emails depended on the language of the person sending the email, rather than on the recipient's preferences like the rest of the message. This bug has been fixed.

API fixes

The language of the data when connecting to the API was set from the list of interface languages and not from the data languages: the problem has been fixed.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, March 17th.


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