News about the 4.59 Keepeek release

June 24, 2021
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Automatic saving when leaving a data sheet

automatic saving when leaving data sheet

Users who have known the Keepeek V3 have eagerly been waiting for this feature: the automatic saving is finally available! From this version on, it is possible to automatically save the modifications made in the fields by moving to the next (or previous) record or by changing tabs.

For multilingual databases, the automatic saving only saves in the current language by default. However, it is possible, via a second button, to activate saving in all languages.

Simplification of interfaces

Several evolutions of this version aim at giving the possibility to remove options that can confuse occasional users or complicate processes. To benefit from these adjustments, please get in touch with us.

Prevent assets with incomplete data from being filed

Today, when mandatory fields are not filled in, users can still file their items in a folder, by selecting a "draft" or "archived" status (only published statuses are forbidden when mandatory fields are not filled in).

From now on, it is possible to prevent any contribution to a folder if data is missing in the mandatory fields.

Prevent filing in the file plan

It is now possible to prevent any contributor from uploading a file directly into a folder. Contributors have to use their upload wall or a collaborative space to provide their assets.

It is also possible to prevent files from being uploaded into folders from Google Drive.

Disable the filing request feature

It is now possible to disable the filing request feature provided to users in their upload Wall.

Disable creation of empty items

To prevent the creation of empty items in folders , it is possible to disable this feature for all users. The creation of empty items remains possible in the collaborative spaces and the upload wall.

.FLAC audio files now accepted in Keepeek

Audio files with the .flac extension are now accepted in Keepeek.

API fixes

Folder filter problem on a search for items

A filter on a non-existent folder ID was returning all the results in the database. This problem has been corrected.

Impossible to consult an item by the API after modification of a list field

We added a robustness to correctly manage the rendering of drop-down list values in the API.

Administration interface corrections

Improvement of the workflow module deadline notifications

When a workflow step is due, only users with access to the current step are notified (and not all users of the workflow).

Security correction

A security protection layer (XSS check) has been added to the upload.

Unnecessary basket notifications

A correction has been made to the email notifications to avoid sending duplicate notifications for baskets and tables.

Subtitle popup too big

The size of the subtitle popups has been adjusted to take into account the minimum display size of the window (1260×600 workspace, which corresponds to a screen resolution of 720p on the most used browsers).

Robustness on the display of the advanced search labels

A problem of language change in several popup windows of the application has been corrected.

Portal fixes

Slowdowns on the portals have been fixed. they occurred when the video previews were activated.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday 30 June 2021.

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