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News about the 4.65 Keepeek release

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October 28, 2021
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Developments in emailing, contact sheets and the API in this version 4.65!

Send by email in an express format

In the email feature, it is now possible to choose to send an express format (original file or pre-generated thumbnail) instead of a custom format.

Bulk emailing

The email feature was previously limited to the current page. It is now possible to send downloadable content by email on a whole search result (within a limit of 5000 items).

Please note:

- Only express formats are then available.

- This feature has to be activated by Keepeek.

Contact us at csm@keepeek.com to set it up.

Language management of thesaurus fields in contact sheets

It is now possible to choose the language of thesaurus fields when exporting contact sheets.

API evolution: download requests

The download request feature used to send a selection of assets to a manager for validation is now available via the API.

Administration interface corrections

- A bug on the link of references not found for the list search has been fixed.

- The creation of drop-down list values now prevents the creation of duplicates. It also removes spaces at the beginning or end of the value.

- A version upgrade of a library used for thumbnail generation has corrected a colorimetry problem for .dng files

- The email feature used by guest users in Keepeek in the collaborative basket sharing is now operational.

- An error occurred in some cases of public sharing, when the user made a download request, this issue has been resolved.

API fix

A technical robustness has been added for the case of attachments without status.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, November 3, 2021.


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