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The DAM Keepeek reap photos of l’Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d’Agriculture

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October 8, 2015
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The DAM Keepeek reap photos of l Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d Agriculture

L’Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d’Agriculture has a supporting role with the departmental and regional agricultural chambers. To federate the 8,000 employees that make up this network, a collaborative national project, including an intranet and a DAM tool, was deployed. Emilie Tournadre, Information Officer at APCA, talks about the challenges of this project that has changed the way employees work.

Hello Emilie. APCA has established a collaborative national project to which Keepeek DAM solution belongs to. Can you explain what it is ?

In 2012, we established a collaborative project that aimed to offer our 8,000 employees, working everywhere in France in the departmental and regional agricultural chambers, tools with which they can more easily work. A collaborative intranet for chambers of agriculture was set up under the name of "OPERA". Keepeek was one of the bricks of this national project and we called our photo library "OPERA Media".

What were the strategic objectives of the DAM project for APCA?

This DAM project had two objectives. First, we wanted to create turnkey photo libraries for chambers of agriculture. For example, Vendée has its own photo library. And secondly, we wanted to allow employees to have access to a shared image bank that is usable by all. In this way, all employees are able to participate in the supply of the photo library either at the level of their chamber of agriculture or a national level.

APCA photo library implemented by the DAM from Keepeek

How was change management held ?

Originally, we used the tool "CinDoc" which was not suited to our need for photo management, but that allowed us to create a common photo collection. The Keepeek team achieved the recovery of existing data on this tool. Keepeek then provided to the pilot project team within APCA the necessary training for a proper use of the DAM tool. Then, we created a training for local officials for their photo libraries aiming to show them a number of important uses of the DAM tool: how to manage image rights, authorization forms associated with the media in the photo library, etc ...

With the establishment of the photo library, what uses have been developed among the staff?

The use of pictures is quite varied. They are used to illustrate the websites and intranet chambers of agriculture, the internal review, etc ... We just launched an in-house contest to recover photos on missing themes. We encourage employees to participate in the supply of the photo library. Their photos, even if they are not all technically perfect, are more relevant than those from online image banks because they perfectly portray the reality of agriculture today.

What are the criteria that made you choose Keepeek ?

For us, Keepeek is the company that has best captured our problem. Keepeek was able to offer the best solution to make the link between local photo libraries and the national photo library.Also, we were impressed by the ease of use of Keepeek tool. All users, regardless of their profile and their level of technical competence, are able to use the photo library.

What significant results have you been able to identify since the establishment of the DAM Keepeek?

The functionality of DAM Keepeek makes us save time. For example, permalinks can be used to display photos on websites, one can generate several photo formats, share baskets, etc ... Tasks for documentation and communication officers are really facilitated.


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