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The new version of Keepeek is now available

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January 3, 2014
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the new version of keepeek is now available

The whole team here at Keepeek wants to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2014! To make sure the New Year gets off to a great start, we have just launched the new version of Keepeek. You can find it on our Cloud! In addition to a whole host of improvements, new functions have been added to our digital asset management software. Why wait? Take a look at the changes we've made from today!

User experience improvements when sharing baskets

You can now automatically archive your baskets once the sharing deadline has been reached.Obtain a sent confirmation when you send an email concerning basket sharing.Display links directly in the basket sharing window.

Development of the history and statistics module

Filter media use statistics according to usage type.Consult app connections via KERBEROS or with a CAS.Visualize folder deletions in media history.

Add user preferences

Ensure you are in copy of all emails sent to you via the app.Add, correct and delete suggested email addresses.

Administration ergonomics

Sort scroll-down lists in alphabetical order in just a simple click of the mouse.Pre-visualize selected media in order to display them on your home page on your broadcasting * sites.


  • Deletion - spaces at the beginning and end of folder and names and keywords in the thesaurus in order to avoid the creation of "copies".
  • Masked deleted profiles in the selection list.
  • Monitoring of copy rights in order to link media content.
  • Update - welcome message in all languages.
  • Possibility to configure the display in media list mode from a search result.
  • Use of the same sort by criteria in media display from a search or search result.
  • Improvement of email address field when sharing a basket.
  • Implementation of filtering in a CSV statistic export.
  • Media replacement function in Internet Explorer.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact the Keepeek team for a detailed presentation of our new functions.


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