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What's new in Keepeek version 4.75

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June 21, 2022
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Be able to move/delete several thesaurus terms at the same time

In the thesaurus administration interface it is now possible to select several thesaurus nodes with the shift key on the keyboard. With this action, it is therefore possible to trigger a grouped move or delete.

Filter the list of users on an account information

In the user administration, a new filter has appeared: it is now possible to filter users on a criterion stored in their additional information.

WebP files compatibility

It is now possible to import image files in WebP format. This format is also available in the export format management interface and allows to generate an output file in WebP.

Added "text with formatting" fields available in Excel/CSV exports

It is now possible to add "text with formatting" fields in CSV and Excel exports.

Access to the latest content from the notification email

The notification email received by the users for the selection of items now allows to display exclusively this selection in the Backoffice and thus to access it more easily.

Added a 'REFINE' filter in the advanced search

In the administration interface, it is now possible to refine an advanced search with facets.

Access via the API to the facets of the administration interface

Via the API, it is possible to specify your own list of facet fields; it does not depend on the one set up in the Backoffice.

Administration interface fixes

Upgrade to improve the CKEditor component for "text with formatting" fields.

Correction of the bug concerning the email notifications in the history of an item.

The automatic connection could fail for a new user if he had already been invited as a guest in a collaborative space with the same email. This is now fixed.

The inconsistency between the API and the administration interface that could appear in some configurations of password rules is now resolved.

Corrections have been made on Polish labels.

Improvements on the generation of preview pdf's on CMYK colorimetry have been made.

The deletion of form fields is now optimized.

Date of availability of the version

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday 29 June 2022.


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