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What's new in version 4.74 of Keepeek

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May 31, 2022
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Addition of the text search as a criterion of the advanced search

In the advanced search of the administration interface and the API, a "full text" search criterion has been added. From now on, it is possible to save text searches to replay them if needed. This also allows you to have them available in the "My advanced searches" widget on the Backoffice homepage.

Creating a multilingual tree (folders/thesaurus)

In the administration interface, when creating folders or thesaurus terms, it is now possible to enter data in all the languages of the interface. Remember, previously it was only possible to enter data in the user's language, which meant that translations had to be applied folder by folder and term by term.

Display of the item association counter in a search result

The API allows you to obtain, in a search result, a counter of items associated with those retrieved. This feature will also be used in the new Keepeek User Portal to visually identify items with associations.

Public download request

From now on, the API allows to make download requests through a visitor access. The new user portal will allow to propose the download request functionality of the public basket sharing.

Item folder information in a search result

Via the API, it is now possible to retrieve the information of a folder in which each item in a search result is located.

Administration interface fixes

Hardening - Optimized the performance of mass deletion of baskets when they have a lot of comments.

Corrected inconsistency on the comment icon. Previously, a change of status after a comment has been written on a media item could cause the comment counter to be out of sync.

The file name is now displayed in full on the import screen.

Date of availability of the version

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday June 8, 2022.


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