Create a simple validation workflow in a few clicks

Speed up the validation of your media thanks to a simple workflow that can be configured in a few clicks

Did you know?

You can create a workflow in a few seconds to submit your media to one or more people for approval, without sending files or exchanging emails.

To create it, go to the workflow module (top centre in the black menu).

Click on the blue button 'Create a new workflow' and choose 'New blank workflow'.

Enter the information in the fields provided and add your media submission and approval steps in a few clicks. You can then click on the green button at the bottom of the page to 'Save and start' your workflow.

The people responsible for the first step are automatically notified by email to come and deposit their media into the workflow. They can then add their media by drag and drop and in one click, send the request for validation.validators are informed by email as soon as they have to validate the media.

They can use the collaborative features (labels, comments, annotations) to validate or request modifications.

They then have the option to send the media back to the previous step if the media does not meet their expectations, or to move on to the next step if everything is ok.All operations are done in the application.

Once all the steps have been completed, the workflow is closed by informing the person who created it by email.

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