Manually adding subtitles to a video

You can add subtitles to videos manually or via a file, in one or more languages!

Did you know?

You can add subtitles to videos manually or via a file, in one or more languages!

To add subtitles, go to a video and click on the 'Add subtitles' option available under the pencil. Y

ou can then choose the language of the subtitle, and then either: select a subtitle file; include manual subtitles by typing them in or by copying and pasting.

To include subtitles manually, simply follow the SubRip format:Subtitle number (starting from 1)Start time (in HH:MM:SS,625) --> end time (in HH:MM:SS,625)Subtitle text (up to two lines)[blank line]For example:100:00:01,625 --> 00:00:02,625How to take the Etoile roundabout without dying? 200:00:02,625 --> 00:00:04,625France's most anxiety-provoking roundabout doesn't work300:00:04,625 --> 00:00:06,625Like all other roundabouts, the right of way applies here!

Once you have typed the text following the template, save it and then activate the subtitles in the video player menu at the bottom right.

You can add subtitles in several languages (the menu that proposes the languages can be adapted to propose more or less languages, contact us to customize it according to your needs!

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