Reorganise your overview page

Rearrange the layout of the different data displayed on the Overview tab of your media.

Did you know that?

In the administration interface, it is possible to change the order in which the sections of the 'Overview' tab of your media are displayed, to list the information in the order that best suits your uses.

By default, the order is as follows:
1. media viewing/downloading statistics
2. file information (size, extension, dimensions, duration, etc.)
3. record information (creation date, creator, last modification date, record template used, etc.)
4. folder(s) containing the media
5. content of the fieldsYou can remove certain information and/or change their order.
Be careful, any modification impacts all the users of your application, so you need the agreement of the administrators to make these changes.

At Keepeek, we have chosen the following order for our internal media library:
1. folders
2. field contents
3. record information
4. file information
5. statistics

How to change the default settings?

If you are in SaaS, Keepeek must make the modification for you. Simply reply to this email indicating the URL of your instance and the desired order (for example: folder, fields, record, file, statistics). After validation with the administrators of your application, we will proceed to the modification and will inform you as soon as it is effective.
If Keepeek is installed on your servers, this setting requires version 4.31 or later. Simply reply to this message to ask for the technical procedure to make the modification.

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