Reveal your pictures with Keepeek’s Automatic Facial Recognition feature

Automatic Facial Recognition

At Keepeek, our philosophy is to accompany you in accordance with the way you work. We are aware of the radical changes that impact your work habits: digital processing, the development of digital workplaces and the interconnection of tools. We also believe in the use of artificial intelligence as a possible means of addressing these new needs.

Our spring release therefore includes two powerful new features to support these changes and to better integrate your DAM into your ecosystem.

🗓 Discover all these new functionalities in version 4.11.0, available to you on the cloud since April 13.


1 /💥NEW 💥Automatic Facial Recognition

The result of several months of work by our R&D team, the facial recognition feature is a new asset in ensuring your productivity! Particularly useful for bringing to the fore the persons in your collection, the illustration of articles and corporate reports, our algorithm will save you invaluable time.

How? Keepeek detects the faces in a picture or in a selection of pictures and invites you to enter the name of the person found. Then for follow-up pictures, the self-learning algorithm automatically suggests the name of the person(s) on the screen.

This allows you to quickly and intuitively index the people in your photos, then easily find all photos linked to a specific person.

Finally, thanks to the interface allowing for navigation which is categorised by people, Keepeek offers a real directory of the persons identified in your collection.


2 /💥NEW 💥Adobe InDesign Plugin

Having already provided Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office Plugins, Keepeek is now interfacing with the Adobe Creative Suite’s DTP software.

With just one click from your InDesign interface, you can easily integrate images from your collection into your creations. There’s no need for you to download them beforehand, then re-import them into InDesign!