A new feature harvest for Keepeek solutions

New Keepeek fall 2016 release

New Keepeek fall 2016 release

Summer has been highly productive for the Keepeek R&D team with two releases full of brand new features.

For Keepeek 4 (rel 4.0.8)

A new calendar has been implemented with a new Keepeek release every month. New in September:
  • Improvement of the colour stickers in the baskets
  • A folder search now included in the main search box
  • Folder suggestion in the main search box

    Folder suggestion in the main search box

  • CSV extract for drop down lists and thesauruses
  • A new filter in the custom navigation: the labels
  • Improvement of the shared baskets regarding performance to handle several thousand simultaneous connections
  • An Office plugin porting to be made compatible with Keepeek 4
  • For Keepeek 3.7.28

    New developments are mainly about users & rights management.
  • Discover the multi profile concept for your users. It is now possible to assign a user to several user groups to better fit your corporation needs and handle transversal content management. User details now list the various groups to which the user belongs.
  • Enhanced ergonomics on the user details page for better readability.

  • Also a short development on the multilinguism management:
  • Automatic backup for multilingual instances: automatic backup is now applied whenever the user switches from one media to another, and no longer whenever the user switches tabs in the media preview.