Microsoft Azure Plugin for Digital Asset Management

Take advantage of the combination of two powerful solutions: Keepeek DAM and Microsoft Azure
Benefit from permanent and accessible storage for your large assets

An offer optimized for large file collections

Keepeek makes it possible to store all your large asset files on a low cost storage space. Connect your Keepeek DAM to the cloud provider Microsoft Azure!

Take advantage of the combination of two powerful solutions:

– the search and viewing power of the Keepeek DAM

– the low costs, security and scalability of storage on Azure

Preserve, centralize and enhance value

The benefits of a Keepeek/Azure association are multiple:

– You guarantee the conservation of your large files on a perennial and backed up medium.

– You centralize all your heritage files in the same place to provide an easy access.

– In a few seconds, you and your users can find the appropriate files among terabytes of data.

– Your legacy assets become easily accessible for better re-use and a better return on investment.

– Your storage costs remain low and under control.

Two examples of use cases: marketing campaigns & video collections

Marketing campaigns

Organizations regularly create marketing campaigns that integrate a multitude of assets. This content is created in a variety of formats to accommodate all distribution channels. These campaigns must be available to the entire network at any given time. They will then be adapted in each country. The duration of a marketing campaign can range from a few weeks to several months. These large files, which are quickly obsolete, can be stored online on Azure during and after their period of operation. This allows for a very fast download of source files, whether they are print, video or social media content. Once the campaign is over, large files can be stored offline as they become unlikely to be downloaded.

Video assets

The video heritage of organizations is a real asset for communication. The brand history assets make it possible to surf on the trend of storytelling in communication.

Difficult to access until now, heritage videos are finding a new life with low-cost storage.

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