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A Digital Asset Management solution success is often subject to its media indexing quality: choice of keywords, media relevance, items classification are keys to help users easily and quickly find the resources they need.

To efficiently support our clients and make sure they benefit from all the potential provided by the platform, Keepeek has recently created its very own data department.

Let us discover the structure and perspectives of this new department with Cécile Odouard, head of the data department at Keepeek!

Why create a data department after 10 years?

Clients have always requested from us various types of data operations. Initially, they were provided by our project managers. In order to support our steady growth, Thomas Larzillière decided to create an expert team to efficiently handle our clients issues. When the PSA Group entrusted Keepeek with its DAM project, we moved forward and the data team was gradually formed.
Marketing Resource Management Cecile Odouard

Cécile Odouard

I joined Keepeek in July 2016 to take on the challenge.
Marketing Resource Management

Tristan Guillot

Very quickly, we decided to hire new experts. Tristan joined me, then Jonathan towards the end of the year.

Jonathan Dolias

What brings companies to request Keepeek services?

Our clients are marketing and communication professionals. Most of the time, they do not have the skills or the specialists in their teams to handle issues related to the multimedia resources management and dissemination.

The need usually arises very early in the projects. Our clients wish to be reassured and save time, all the while benefiting not only from our expertise, but also from other clients’feedback to establish good practice.

What are your missions?

At the start of every project, we lead a study with the client: the goal is to assess, structure and classify the multimedia content. This study is based on two fundamental questions: who produces and who uses the resources. We believe a Marketing Resource Management project must be led by usage, not by content.

After this step, we help build the thesaurus aka the notorious list of keywords. we usually also advise our clients at this point of the legal issues such as copyright, model releases and image rights.

Then comes the indexing tasks: adding accurate and relevant information on media. It is something we can work on at the beginning of the project, especially when we recover existing content from other solutions, or down the road to manage bursts of activity, for example.

User training is also part of our missions. Our goal is to render our clients completely independent in their project management. Training sessions are relatively short and can be provided on site or through online meetings.

We have also broadened our scope by handling user assistance. This can be provided by an online chat on which users can get an immediate answer at any time of the day should they have trouble accessing or using the platform. Our goal is to offer the best possible user experience.

Can you provide us with specific examples of fulfilled missions?

Elior, a mass catering international group, uses Keepeek to manage and share all its digital resources. To promote its activities, the Elior group regularly produces features with dozens of photographs. The data department handles the indexing: keywords, captions, location and legal information are entered, both in French and English. These operations are conducted from the Keepeek offices. Elior benefits from our total flexibility, as we only operate and bill them when they produce new content.

For the Cinémathèque Française, who manages a wide collection on cinema, the goal was to make their media easier to find and use. The keyword quality was therefore essential. Our mission was to accompany the revision of their thesaurus. They also wished to rethink their classification, and we rearranged all their media in a brand new classification better suited to their needs.

For thePSA group, a global initiative project integrating the media management for all the group brands (Peugeot, Citroën, DS) but also other transverse services, we were asked to perform various missions: data audits to manage new collections, online training in French and English, indexing missions and user management operations. One of those missions consists of managing the weekly supply of new content by the brand communication and marketing departments, as well as the user registration and reconduction requests. This is a two day per week mission performed on the client’s premises throughout the year. We also provide online support to the user community through the chat. Users can rate the service after each conversation, and have given us more than 90% of satisfactionso far.

For Airbus, Keepeek’s mission was to gather several pre-existing media libraries into one unique solution. The data department was involved once the new system was deployed to provide training in French for the French speaking teams, and in English for the German, Chinese and American teams to be efficiently trained on the platform, which is also completely multilingual itself.

Thank you Cécile for this insight!