Digital Asset Management: 3 impacts of 2020

As several European countries begin a second lockdown, we look back at the evolution of usages observed among Keepeek DAM users since the beginning of the health crisis. In what ways have working from home and lockdown modified usages of our photo library, video library or media library software?

Temporary decrease of content uploads

In April/May 2020, Keepeek users uploaded fewer assets than usual. There was a decrease of about 23% in uploads on our SaaS platform. With photographers and filmmakers in lockdown, new content production quickly came to a standstill for many companies. However, this slowdown did not last. Indeed, the recovery was relatively fast, with usage in September/October equivalent to that of January/February 2020.

Distribution of internal communication videos

Many of our clients used Keepeek to broadcast video messages from their management to their employees. In this period of uncertainty, following the management communications was essential for the staff. The public sharing of videos made it possible to safely provide these internal communication videos. Videos were also shared on the company intranets and links could be sent easily by email or text, in full confidentiality.

Strong increase in the use of collaborative features

Our Boards extension, useful to organize assets in columns, just like Trello, experienced a new boom from April (+137% of uses). Several of our customers took advantage of the drop in production to work on their processes and implement new totally dematerialized workflows. They were thus able to continue working remotely, but still in close collaboration.

The boards, which can be configured in a few seconds for customized uses, have thus been deployed in various contexts:

Selection of images to illustrate product catalog pages

Providing a team with a choice of photos in a secure workspace proved judicious for catalog production. By using a board for each double page, the time spent at each step of the catalog production process was reduced by almost 50%, according to one of our clients.

Retouching request and validation

The boards provided useful advantages for retouching requests:

Direct access to all assets requiring retouching.

– Display of retouched files for examination and verification in the same space.

Comments and guidelines directly on image areas and on video time codes.

All these features allowed our customers to continue to move projects forwards, in a remote configuration.

Shooting validations

A simple and fast workflow, to edit images coming from photo shoots or reports, required just three columns: image repository, selected images and rejected images).

Infinite possibilities

At Keepeek, we used the boards during the lockdown for our illustration projects!

An enduring use

Board use did not slow down after the first lockdown, quite the opposite. New workflows have even drastically accelerated. At Keepeek, an increase of +263% in board use has been observed from June until today, compared to its use during the first lockdown.

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