New Extension – Launch an attack on clones with Keepeek’s duplicate removal tool

For 10 years, Keepeek has been offering a scalable DAM platform. Each month, our application is enriched with new features, designed and made available to all Keepeek customers.

More than 400 companies use our solutions in combination with their expertise for their specific needs. These needs differ depending on the types of media they manage, and the number and diversity of their contributors. Therefore, modules that are considered useful for some may be unnecessary for others.

To keep up with this diverse set of needs, Keepeek is taking the next step and unveiling its innovative program built around new plugins and extensions (Adobe® Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office™, G Suite™ etc.). Proposed as optional modules, these components are designed as complementary tools for building a DAM platform adapted to your needs.  

The first extension available is a powerful duplicate removal tool 🐑🐑, available on 2019, May 15.

⚔️ Because there can only be one

Many contributors are adding content to your media base, sometimes the same content; new teams join the platform and upload their resources with duplicates…The result: over time, your media base is seeing double.

Beyond just the cost related to storing unnecessary media, the reliability of your DAM platform is at stake. If a search result shows multiple versions of a media file, then which one should you use? Is the DAM that is supposed to offer a single reference source that reliable? Do not allow duplicates to sew seeds of doubt in the minds of your users!

🧹 Easily identify and delete the duplicates that are cluttering your media base

Based on an algorithm that analyses the file footprint of your media, Keepeek’s duplicate removal extension allows you to easily get rid of these unwanted media.

Here, you will find all the tools needed to regularly carry out a quick and complete clean-up of your media base:  

Search the entire media base or restrict your search by folders, by date etc…

Compare duplicate media to select which ones you wish to delete

Launch bulk deletions

Guarantee unique files for your users:

• You obtain a clean, well-organised media base which facilitates searches performed by your users.

• You free up storage space and keep your hosting costs down.

• You can manage your clean-up efforts over several days by saving your duplicate removal actions.• You reduce the risk of unwanted deletion, thanks to a tool dedicated to administrators and managers of the media base.

🚀 Ready to launch the attack on clones?

💬 Want to give a try? Questions? Suggestions? Don’t hesitate to write us; it’s always a pleasure hearing from to you.