Keepeek v4.13.0 : Give some voice to your video !

What is the common thread between snackable content, virtual reality or corporate social networks? These new content marketing trends all make use of videos, by placing video content at the heart of their marketing tools.

It would appear that video content does it all: it encourages your Website visitors to search for additional information on products, to retain this information for longer periods of time… and even boosts traffic from the SEO of your Web pages by 157% (Source: Siècle Digital). With such results, it is no wonder that videos represent a growing share of the content created and shared by Marketing and Communications Departments.

Keepeek will be accompanying you through this evolution, by expanding its range of features related to video editing and sharing. Following the integration of an adaptive video player, Keepeek is now offering you the possibility to participate in the chain of production of your video content!

The new version 4.13.0 now allows you to directly comment on your files’ video scrubber, with precision that is down to the second.

Version 4.13.0 also brings its share of improvements to simplify your daily tasks:

  • Managing download permissions based on status
  • Memorising the last Preview tab opened for a sheet
  • Allowing multiple selections for the content on your user portals

🗓 Discover all these new functionalities in version 4.12.0, available to you on the cloud since June 8.    

1 /💥 NEW 💥 Comments on the video scrubber

With Keepeek, the creation of your videos will become a collaborative effort! As a follow-up to its addition to photos, it is now time for video files to benefit from precise visual annotations.

Submit your editing instructions, formalise your communication to accompany the presentation of your videos or share your questions with your teams!

You can:

  • Add comments at a specific point in a video, by clicking directly on its scrubber.
  • Easily view comments, by either clicking directly on the time stamps added to the video scrubber, or in the pane to the right of your video player.
  • Quote or delete a comment.


2 /💥 NEW 💥 Managing download permissions based on status

Would you like to prevent your archived or expired content from being accessed? With Keepeek, you can limit the rights to read, download and write over your content, depending on its status.

Available from the Group Settings menu, using the Rights on folders and items tab, the Restrictions by status section allows you to easily select the rights for each of the defined statuses.


3 /💥 NEW 💥 Multiple selections for content on your user portals

Say goodbye to using baskets for batch processing and hello to multiple selections!

Your visitors can now select all the content that they would like by simply checking the items from the search results or media list, and downloading them, sending them by e-mail or adding them to a basket.