Lapierre climbs to new heights with Keepeek

Lapierre climbs to new heights with Keepeek Lapierre is a family business that designs and sells mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes and electric bikes. With a broad distribution network and a strong international presence, Lapierre asked Keepeek for assistance in its Digital Asset Management project. Leading this project, Clement Boes, the Media & Marketing Coordinator at Lapierre, answered our questions about the issues met when managing multilingual communication content across an international network.

Before the introduction of the Keepeek DAM software, which tool did you use to share your communication content with your sales network?

Originally, we only had an FTP server to communicate across our networks. This solution was not really developed to work in conjunction with our communication tools, given the time that it took to deliver content to all our sales teams and for them to then access the information they needed.

Does your network include only France?

No, half of our business is based in France, but the other half reaches across an international sales network. It was therefore essential for our brand to share the same level of information with our international distributors as with our French sales forces without being hindered by the language barrier. With the Keepeek tool, we were able to maintain a balanced and harmonized communication network worldwide. Keepeek DAM was integrated by Lapierre Bikes

What was the most important criterion when choosing this particular DAM tool?

We wanted to have an easy-to-use and highly intuitive tool. Given the amount of photographs produced and the files, we were looking for a simple and effective way to facilitate the organization, sorting and dissemination of those pictures that perfectly illustrate our products, regardless of the size of the files in question.

How has the DAM tool by Keepeek been perceived by your sales teams? How has it helped them?

The Keepeek tool has been beneficial for all our dealers within our networks. They can now find the right information needed in terms of product visibility and finding what to show our end-customers. I also want to stress that we particularly appreciate the way the portal access rights work. We are able to add or delete users and create specific access filters – this is so useful given the extent of our network of collaborators. To learn more about Lapierre bikes, please visit their website: