Neotoa and Keepeek guest speakers at ADBS Bretagne

On 18 February, Neotoa (Habitat 35) and Keepeek were invited to participate in a conference organized by ADBS (the French professional organization of information and documentation) – the Brittany delegation, at the University of Rennes 1, Beaulieu campus. This presentation took place with the triple support of the cities of Rennes, Lorient and Brest.

Feedback on the implementation of a professional photo library:

The objective of this event was to present innovative solutions within the field of documentary management, archives, cultural assets and professional photo libraries. Séverine Rouland, ‎head of commercial communication and public relations at Neotoa discussed the implementation of the Keepeek solution and her experiences following 12 months of use. The highly positive feedback from Neotoa was warmly welcomed by event participants. For Keepeek, this feedback was particularly precious. The diversity of speakers and audience members (documentation specialists, archivists, and heads of communication services) allowed for incredible richness in terms of discussion and Q&As.

Neotoa professional photo library: a strategic tool

The Neotoa photo library a strategic tool
Neotoa is a social housing company which has managed more than 17,000 properties in Ille et Vilaine for close to a century. Professional photographs of these properties are taken on a daily basis. These include photographic documentation of construction sites, renovation projects, new or renovated housing etc. The professional photo library project was initiated by the communication department. Aim: to organize the thousands of images in the system and re-structure the production and archiving of new visuals. These resources are used within the context of communication or property marketing and promotion.

Snapshots on the move

Shootings in mobility
Agents working within the organization are regularly requested to take photos of properties under management. These photos taken “on the move” are done using simple equipment, digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets. The new email import functions from Keepeek were set up so that agents could add photos to the system in real time. In just a few seconds, photos taken on site can be accessible to other users. The implementation of this innovative feature has proven to be a major advantage to the entire team. Users recognize that this simple and quick means of providing clients and potential clients with the latest up-to-date photos facilitates the tasks of the communication department.

Integration of the Keepeek tool on the Neotoa website

Integration of the Keepeek tool with the Neotoa website

With a view to providing the very best service quality to its members, Neotoa has recently updated its website. Use of the Keepeek (API) programming interface allowed Neotoa teams to automate the publication process. Adverts relative to available accommodation can now be automatically accompanied by illustrative images from the photo library. Searching for a particular property can now be performed intuitively through use of the geolocalization tool. We wish to warmly congratulate the Neotoa technical team for their excellent work throughout this process.

If you would like to know more about ADBS, please consult the following website And why not take this moment to explore the new face of Neotoa: