New v4.22.0 : Single or multi-brand DAM? Set your own limits!

Discover new version 4.22

Here at Keepeek, we don’t particularly love the idea of limits. But it is sometimes necessary to establish a bit of order and confidentiality when it comes to media content. That’s why we’ve decided to compartmentalise documentation management: limit the configuration of media sheets and sheet fields by managers to their own media collection.  

But not to worry! To make up for it, we’ve also made improvements to online file viewing, the creation of folder tree structures, bulk management and the retrieval of information by the API

🗓 All these new functionalities are available to you in version 4.22.0, released on the cloud on February 19.

1/💥 NEW 💥 Compartmentalise your documentation management

Keepeek is taking things one step further in the management of multiple brands and multiple collections by now allowing you to compartmentalise the management of media sheets and sheet fields. Administrators will be able to limit the documentation settings of each manager to their own collection!

2/💥 NEW 💥 Enjoy your 360° vieos

There is nothing like being able get your customers’ attention by giving them a completely immersive look into what you do! Keepeek is ready to accompany you on this mission by allowing you to visualise your 360° videos before sharing them on your Websites and social media networks. Just as with traditional videos, click on the play button and let the video take you on a journey into the world you’ve created.

3/⚡️ NEW ⚡️ Create your folder trees in the blink of an eye!

Keepeek already offers you the ability to create your folder and thesaurus trees by level. All you need to do is enter the list of folders or terms of the same level into the relevant window.

In version 4.22, we are getting rid of this limitation by allowing you to directly create your entire folder tree! Whether you choose to do it manually or using a copy/paste of your repository, now create a folder tree or thesaurus more quickly than ever before.

4/💥 NEW 💥 Manage your media in bulk

Now you can do batch processing on your media!

5/💥 NEW 💥 API – Access the list of file variations

As you know, Keepeek generates variations of your files and displays them in the different screens of your Administrative Back Office. The API now allows you to retrieve the complete list from the preview of a media file or from a list of media.