New v4.21.0 : focus on the essential tools for managing your marketing assets

More than ever, our mission is to save you time in the completion of your everyday tasks. But it’s also to enhance your media, facilitate and accelerate their dissemination to make your messages even more effective.

Since your business and the digital world are evolving, your tools must also adapt. Keepeek enhances the essential tools for managing and promoting your marketing assets : search tool, repositories, user portal…  

🗓 All these new functionalities are available to you in version 4.21.0, released on the cloud on January 18.

1/ 💥 NEW 💥 An increasingly advanced search module

  • A new criterion for the advanced search: The new criterion “Not empty” enables to find media containing a value within a given field
  • A highly tailored repository search: Keepeek now allows you to choose the general information to be included in (or excluded from) the text search

2/⚡️ IMPROVED ⚡️ Repositories with stricter controls

In order to simplify the management of your repositories, Keepeek has implemented controls in the addition of values to drop-down lists, thesauri and folders. No need to worry about adding duplicate terms. Keepeek will alert you if the term already exists.

3/ 💥 NEW 💥 User portals – Highlighting important communications

Keepeek offers a solution to ensure that your users won’t overlook your communications, thanks to a popup when your users log in. 

Maintenance, new content, events… No longer will your releases go unnoticed by the users of your portal.