Optimisation of your user portals: best display for your media

Visibility is a key factor for the success of any business and Keepeek knows the important role your media content plays in helping you achieve success. Keepeek continues to evolve, recognising the needs of our clients and responding appropriately with new and improved features and functionalities.

The latest version of the DAM centres around increased visibility for your content among your target audience. Your user portals will not only be easier to read, but even more secure.

Here is a presentation of the new and improved features that Keepeek’s version 4.9.0 has to offer:

1/⚡IMPROVED⚡Smarter user portals

  • Accessibility:

Speed up the validation of your users’ download requests, by informing automatically notifying their sponsors!

When a user fills out a download request, the form will automatically include the email address of the sponsor who invited the user to join the portal.

Enjoy a more readable display on the left of your screen, thanks to the static research filters being set to close by default.

Broaden the reach of your content to include a more international audience. Your portals, already accessible in French, English, German and Spanish, will also be available in Italian!

Keepeek will take into account your screen resolution when displaying pop-ups, for a better responsive display.

Search optimization:

Launch search queries in folder pages, thanks to the dedicated filter available in the main search bar.

You will now be able to launch a search combining folders and media type.

2/ 💥NEW💥 Enhanced access protection to your DAM

Protect your Back Office interface and user portals against unauthorized access, thanks to the automatic suspension of a user account after several failed login attempts.

⚙ NB: This option is disabled by default. You can enable it in your Back Office by going to Settings>Access management. Here you can define the number of failed login attempts before the account suspension.

To prevent fraudulent registration, the new versions of your user portals will benefit from greater protection. To validate their registration forms, new users will now have to enter a captcha.

3/💥NEW💥 Configure fields to have unique values

You’d like to differentiate between your media files and ensure they are unique?

For more precise media tagging, you’ll now be able to prevent your various media files from having a duplicate value for a given text field.

All you need to do is check the “Single entry” box when indexing media, to prevent a value from being duplicated to several elements.

4/💥NEW💥 Geo-location via GPS coordinates

Identify a landscape, a building or a specific point of sale by searching via precise GPS coordinates !

You’ll be able to manually index a given location, then find it thanks to its GPS coordinates in the geolocation map’s new dedicated search field.

5/⚡IMPROVED⚡ Statistics now includes information on your videos

Released in January, your new statistics tool now includes a panel dedicated to your video media.

You’ll be able to track the number of views and shares to social media, as well as the details of the views (number of videos played and playback time).

With these new stats, Keepeek offers you an additional tool to monitor the relevance and efficiency of your digital content!

Print all your statistics charts in 1-click. You can easily share your media performance by inserting your PDF charts into your presentations!

NB: You can still perform simultaneous monitoring of your DAM stats using the old statistics tool.

The new statistics tool will be improved with new features over time , to provide you with continuously more detailed KPIs.

Click here to test the new features and discover all the functionalities that Keepeek has to offer.