Our vision

“Mass production of media content adds value through the rationalization of their management process.”

Notre vision

The massive and uncontrolled production of multimedia content can become a source of destruction of value for companies. Branding is torn between quality production and unusable artisanal content.

Production is relocated and so is the use of media. Many employees want to produce graphical content. The disadvantage? They are not experts in the field and they are geographically separated. Our job is to streamline the production channel and avoid laborious processes.

Facing legal constraints, companies must be vigilant about copyright issues, image rights … when it comes to media publication on the web and mainstream social networks. By implementing best practices, companies can enjoy the legality of their media content.

Brands have become aware of the impact of the normalization of their communication within an international context. Graphic charters and other types of rules are necessary to properly communicate the image of the brand to employees.