Ten media libraries for seven brands in a single DAM: a bold bet for PSA

At the end of 2016, PSA and Keepeek launched simultaneously five media libraries for five PSA departments, after six months of a close partnership. As we move towards the third anniversary of this launch, we take a look back at this adventure and at how the PSA DAM has evolved since then!

How to manage 500 000 assets for three different brands on the five continents?

PSA, as an International Group owning several brands, had many different DAM solutions among its various brands, departments and entities. All those solutions generated maintenance costs and limited communication internally.

This is why the PSA Customer Digital Factory decided to lead an ambitious project to merge all media libraries onto one platform to rationalize the costs, ensure cross communication and standardize processes.

Active in more than 150 countries with 211 000 employees worldwide, the PSA Group owns many subsidies. They can be specific to a PSA brand or work for several brands at once. The ‘One DAM project’ had therefore two dimensions: international and multibrand.

The Digital Factory had several requirements for the project implementation:

pooling, but with a real flexibility to manage specificities for each brand and allow sealing between the media libraries

– an ambitious schedule: six months to set up the platform, recover data and assets from various solutions and launch worldwide

– an agile methodology centered on communication and responsiveness, a real desire to work with a partner, far from the client/provider relationship.

– a dialogue made simple to communicate with other tools: through the api, take advantage of the digital resources to disseminate assets without duplicating them.

Five departments engaged in the digital transformation

Five media libraries from five departments had initially been identified to migrate onto Keepeek:

Three brand media libraries: Peugeot, Citroën and DS

The Peugeot, Citroën and DS media libraries centralize digital assets from the marketing, brand and communication departments, independently from one another. Dedicated to headquarters, subsidiaries in the various countries (each brand is active on all five continents) and their agencies, the media libraries offer all advertising and press content, a brand center, digital communication assets and many other resources.

The PSA Group media library

The PSA Group media library, freely available, offers video and image content about the Group activity and brand image content. Managed by internal and external communication departments, it provides journalists and the general public access to the video and photo features about the Group and their News.  

The PSA Aftermarket media library

Joint between all the brands, the Aftermarket media library provides all product content produced by the marketing and communication departments from the after sales teams, be it services, spare parts or accessories.

The Keepeek choice

The Keepeek solution was particularly appropriate to manage, in one single tool, several brand or entity media libraries. Some data could be mutual (especially user profiles) while others could be kept separate for each entity. The advanced rights management had the flexibility to give each user access to exactly what was needed.

The other asset Keepeek could offer was their Agile expertise. Keepeek has integrated agile methods from its creation in 2008 at the core of its operations and could support the PSA Group, who was evolving towards the Agile methodology at the time.

Beyond the technical implementation, Keepeek also supported the business teams by providing media managers and functional support for each brand, to manager user accesses as well as uploading and indexing new content.

Launch support

Six months after the kick off, the five media libraries were ready to be launched simultaneously. To insure change management, the media managers supported the business teams to:

– Train users, in France and worldwide for agencies and subsidiaries

– Insure support and change management on a day to day basis for all users

– Identify and collect new content

– Enrich, translate and harmonize data

– Manage user accreditations

And then?

Three years later, the PSA DAM has greatly expanded. Additional projects have integrated the platform month after month: press websites, PSA Retail portal, the Sports entities: assets produced by Peugeot Sport, Citroen Racing and DS Sport also have their own space on Keepeek now.

In 2019, four new brands joined the DAM and were given their own dedicated portal: Opel, Vauxhall, Spoticar and Free2Move. Press websites for Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall have also been developed.

Today, more than 800 000 assets are stored and disseminated through the Keepeek DAM. More than 16 000 users are accredited on at least one media library. An average of 75 000 assets are downloaded each month.

A long-term partnership

Keepeek keeps supporting the Group, in terms of technical evolutions and new projects, but also for the day-to-day management of the platform: five media managers work each week to add and index the new content produced every day and manage access requests on the various media libraries.

The adventure continues!