A release to enjoy by the fireplace

We, at Keepeek, have been as busy as popcorn on a skillet to provide you with the 4.32 release! With a warm cup of tea, enjoy the enhancements we made on the upload feature, the statistics or the search by list on user portals.

Uploads: easy as pie

You need to upload large files in Keepeek but your Internet is erratic? Our developers have improved the upload feature: now the upload can be temporarily interrupted and resume with no errors!

It also works if your session has expired. Log again and your upload continue!

In a pickle regarding your user licence? No more!

An alert message better suited for your admins

As an admin, you must manage user accesses depending on the number of users allowed in your Keepeek licence. Because that’s an essential information, the alert message you get when going over the limit is now displayed more clearly.

An improved user computation 

Rules defining user licences have improved! This is now very simple: only users belonging to an active group count as active users in the licence. Deactivated users are no longer included. Managing your users is now duck soup!

Better identification in the download history for anonymous downloads

In your asset details, the History tab gives access to all its activity: updates, downloads, retouching, etc. Quite useful! However this feature used to give inadequate information for anonymous downloads performed when assets were publicly shared: the history listed the person who had shared the asset or basket as the downloader. To correct this information, we have changed that. The name of the downloader is now ‘Anonymous’.

In the Statictics feature, you can filter on ‘No group (public access)’ users to get the numbers on that kind of data and control usage.

A portion of API!

The advanced search spices up the features already present in the API to allow complex searches.

Search by list on the menu!

Delight your front end users with the search by list feature previously only available on the back end.

In one single search, find all the product assets corresponding to a list of references! Once the search is launched, users can also visualize the list of references for which no asset was found.

Please note that contrary to the back end, user portals do not automatically benefit from the monthly updates. Should you wish to get this feature, please get in touch with your account manager!

Update date

The new release will be live on the Cloud from Tuesday, November 26 in the evening!

photo credit: Alex Geerts @alexgeerts