New features from the 4.41 Keepeek release

Discover a brand new feature: the version comparator for images and videos! The update also offers new opportunities in the statistics: access for contributors and video audience retention, among other things!

Version comparator

In an asset ‘Comments’ tab, you now have the option to compare the last two versions of an image or video.

This feature is particularly useful to verify corrections or retouching requests on an image or video by comparing the asset before and after, on the same screen!

For images, you still have the possibility to zoom in and out of both images, and comment areas of the latest version

For videos, you can play the videos side by side:

Just like images, comment features, especially comments on time codes, remain available on the main version.

Statistics in an asset details

Access to asset statistics is no longer limited to admins! Contributors can access statistics of all items they are allowed to modify. A new tab appears to access data about views, downloads and more!

Filter to restrict the statistics to specific user groups, a time frame and/or a specific interface!

Video audience retention statistics

In the video individual statistics, you may visualize the audience retention curve: the number of views at each instant of the video. These statistics give you the opportunity to learn at what time users stop watching or whether they jump forward.

On the example below, you can see that one chapter of our webinar, starting at 3’30, was viewed by a larger number of users than the previous chapter: 

One click on the graph marker positions the video underneath at the corresponding instant. You can then easily check what got the interest of your viewers!

Search and filter in the workflows

After implementing search options in the baskets in the last release, we decided to give workflows the same treatment! Filter assets on filed/unfiled status, data from the fields or asset type, directly in your workflow steps!

API evolutions

Search options in the baskets and workflows are now also available from the API.

Minor evolutions on user portals

Some new options have been added to user portals:

– display more than one field under thumbnails in the basket display

– sharing button available from the tile display mode

– Specific URL generation for articles

Please note! Contrary to back office evolutions, user portal evolutions are not implemented automatically. Get in touch with your account manager for more information.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, June 17!