New features from the 4.42 Keepeek release

Keepeek modernizes a key tool on the platform and keeps on strengthening the API for a better DAM integration in IT systems. Some minor evolutions in the Boards feature and the asset history round off this release!

API Evolution

Keepeek has focused the API developments on user management this time; It is now possible to use the API to perform an exact search on user logins.

Asset format generation optimization

For several months, our R&D team has been working on implementing a new technology to improve performances when generating asset formats. This new system, stronger and more responsive, will optimize the time necessary to generate thumbnails when uploading and custom formats when downloading.

This new solution is currently in beta test and will gradualy be activated on the SaaS. No action is required on your end: everything will be transparent for users.

Script running in the Boards feature

You are more and more to use our Boards feature to organize processes to add or validate assets. It is now also possible to run your custom scripts from the Boards!

Additional actions listed in the History

From this release, the asset history will list more information: 

Folder modifications: the history will list the entire folder path and its ID instead of just mentioning the folder name.

File versions

– when deleting a file version in the version history, the deletion will be listed in the history.  

– when modifying the current version in the version history, the modification will also be listed in the history.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, July 8!