New features from the 4.43 Keepeek release

The 4.43 release delivers evolutions concerning data integrations/extractions and a new option to optimize performances for very large collections.  

Counter deactivation in the folder tree

It is now possible to deactivate the asset counters in the folder tree, as it was already the case in the thesaurus. This evolution improves performances for very large collections (several hundreds of thousands of assets). Should you wish to deactivate the counter for your folder tree, please get in touch with our support service.

Inclusion of formatted text fields in the information file

Formatted text fields were not supported to generate the information.pdf file (or .txt) provided alongside the downloaded assets. It is now the case. To make it compatible, the formatted style (colors, bold, italic, etc.) is however removed. The generated file only respects the line breaks.

Foreign character management for uploads

When uploading assets containing accents, cyrillic or special signs, the system used to transform them into dashes. The characters are now supported and uploaded as they are.

API additions for statistics

In accordance with its ‘API First’ approach, Keepeek keeps on adding new features to its REST API. In this release, it is possible to include additional stat hits, depending on specific needs or contexts.

New asset format generation system gradually activated on the Keepeek Cloud

As mentioned in our last article, we have been working on implementing a stronger and more stable system to generate asset formats.

The solution has successfully passed the beta test phase and is gradually activated on the Keepeek Cloud. No action is required for our clients: everything is transparent for users.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, July 29!