News about the 4.45 Keepeek release

The 4.45 release of Keepeek offers evolutions focused on administrators’ needs. The main feature is the new possibility for admins to access and manage all user baskets. Some fixes, evolutions in the statistics ergonomics, customization of asset title blocks and a better tracking of users and storage space complement this version. Discover all the 4.45 evolutions in detail!

Admin access to all baskets

To facilitate the management of baskets and storage space, access to all user baskets is now possible for administrator profiles. A button on the baskets screen allows administrators to either view just their own baskets or view the baskets of all users.

This evolution has several advantages, including : 

– access to the baskets of ex-users

When a collaboration ends, it is common for people not to delete their baskets before they leave. When baskets are shared in collaborative mode, they are not deleted once the account is removed, as are personal baskets, but remain available to other basket members. Administrators can now delete shared baskets that are no longer of interest in order to clear up basket lists and free up the corresponding storage space

– share a basket if the basket creator is absent

Until now, only the basket owner could delete or share the basket in collaborative or public mode. Administrators can access all users’ baskets as if they were their owners and can modify them (members, content, shares, basket name, etc.).

– better control the storage space

If storage space is a bit tight, administrators can more easily identify users who have a lot of baskets and ask them to clean them up. 

Addition of a custom field in the asset title block

The asset title block appears in several tabs (status, dissemination, links, etc.) and displays by default the title, status, creation date of the item and some technical information about the asset. If necessary, an additional field (free text or date type) can be added, to be defined per sheet. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, please contact your project manager or our support service.

Improvement of ergonomics in statistics

The ergonomics of the statistics has been improved to be more intuitive: when the system consolidates the information, a loading message is displayed. 

Storage space warnings

Administrators can know at any time the storage space occupied by their content. The information is displayed under the ‘Keepeek license‘ button. From this version on, a banner appears when admins log in to warn them when the space quota is about to be reached, allowing them to take action before the uploads are blocked. In addition, Keepeek suggests several possible actions to free up space or increase the allowed quota. 

User quota warnings

In the same way, administrators are visually informed when their user quotas are about to be reached, allowing user accounts to be cleaned up before the limit is hit. 

Multilingual field in contact sheets

In the contact sheet settings, you initially had to choose to include a field in a specific language. Now it is possible to choose a field regardless of the language. It automatically adapts to the user’s language.

Several fixes

Some issues have been solved in this version: 

– increase of the limit number of characters in the format descriptions

– better identification in the statistics of searches by reference and uploads through the Boards feature

– a display bug regarding labels in the asset details

– an anomaly occurring when extracting statistics in CSV including a filter on folders

– an error message on the audience retention screen

– editing feature restored for TIFF format files

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, September 9!