News about the 4.46 Keepeek release

Our developers are currently working on new features which will be ready in a few weeks. Until then, here are some minor evolutions provided in the 4.46 release, as well as a focu on how to customize the sections in the asset details.

Access the statistics hits from the API

It is now possible to get the comprehensive list of statistics hits from the API, with all the filters already available in the administration interface.

Exclude groups from the process of renewing passwords

When a rule was set up for passwords to expire after a certain amount of time, the rule applied to all users, without exception. This new option makes it possible to exclude specific user groups.


– Desynchronisation could occur when swiftly browsing between folders with few assets and folders with many (a prior search coud be displayed after the latest search). This bug has been fixed.  

– Multiple clicks on ‘replacing video cover‘ by one of its frames caused a thumbnail generation error. The window now dissapears as soon as one click occurs to avoid this problem.

Special characters in contact sheet titles were not correctly displayed. This is no longer the case.

– An issue occuring on rights control on the folder creation through the API has been fixed.

– Addition of a missing information in the API (user lockout status) dans l’API 

– the very long folder breadcrumbs no longer appear with a display bug in the asset details.

Minor evolutions

– Addition of a security reliability to avoid CSV injections

– Update of a component used for asset upload

– Release upgrade of a library to improve URL validators for the API

– A technical property makes it possible to deactivate automatic emails when user accounts lock, when they are redondant with another treatment, for example.

Did you know? 

In the admin interface (the ‘back office’), you may change the order of the information blocks displayed in the asset preview. By default, the order is the following: 

1. asset statistics (views/downloads)

2. file information (size, extension, dimensions, length, etc.)

3. sheet information (creation date, creator, last update date, etc.)

4. folders including the asset

5. field content 

You have the possibility to remove specific data and/or change their order.

Please note, all changes apply to all users, it is therefore necessary to get a validation from an administrator before implementing the changes.

At Keepeek, we have chosen the following order for our own medialibrary:

1. folders

2. field content

3. sheet information

4. file information

5. statistics

Here is the result: 

How can I change the default settings? 

If you own a SaaS license, Keepeek must make the changes for you. Just fill the form below with your URL and the order you wish to have (for example: folders, fields, sheet info, file info, statistics). after checking with the admins, we will implement the change and let you know when it is done.

If Keepeek is installed on your servers, this setting is available from version 4.31. You can get in touch with our support team to get the corresponding technical property.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, September 30!