News about the 4.49 Keepeek release

Access new colorimetric profiles in the export formats of images

New options are now possible for image formats in the export settings. Additional colorimetric profiles have been added. 


For RGB:

Administration interface patches

– The audio player now displays correctly the cover image during playback (there was a problem of distortion of the displayed image).

– In some definitions, the logo could be displayed in a distorted way beside the search window. This is now fixed to work correctly in all ratios. 

– A security element at the password renewal level has been updated.

– The download requests have been added in the asset history so that users can be alerted via the history if needed.

– An anomaly occurred in the exports of statistics when they concerned a deleted folder before the consolidation of the data. This has now been fixed.

– A consolidation has been implemented to better manage statistics hits concerning deleted board columns.

– A correction has been made in the upload feature for IE11 compatibility.

– Better DocumentID management in Photoshop plugin: when uploading assets with no DocumentID, an XMP DocumentId is now assigned if XMP override management is enabled.

User portal patches

– A regression had occurred following a security fix: the left/right click on the homepage slider works properly again. 

– The video length can now be displayed on the user portal asset lists, either in the subtitle or technical information

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, December 2nd.