News about the 4.52 Keepeek release

Improvements in statistics

Better transparency on the information or lack of information of referrer websites

Until now, our notion of referrer site led to think that we knew for sure how to define if a statistical data was precisely attached to an external referrer site (in the case of public sharing, embedded videos, etc), or if it was a direct access.

However, this notion of direct access is misleading, because in reality, it was not necessarily possible to identify the referrer website (due to the privacy policy of the user’s browser, or of the referrer site itself).

Not being able to distinguish the “real” direct accesses from those coming from masked referrer websites, we now prefer to expose the notion of “undefined referrer website“.

Now, clearly identified referrer sites represent a subset of the totality of referrer sites that really gave access to your assets. This therefore only partially represents the access flows of your users, and you need to keep this subtlety in mind in order to correctly interpret and exploit this statistical data.

Detailed export available from the video audience retention screen

The Audience Retention tab of a video item now has an export of the video’s playback hits.


Additional developments have been made to consolidate the resilience and robustness of the statistics module.


A display bug in the export of video plays indicated an empty value instead of the value “Third party site” in the “Interface” column, which led to a misinterpretation of the statistics. This display bug has been fixed.

Customization of subtitle languages

By default, we provide subtitle options in seven languages. From version 4.52 onwards, it will be possible to add new languages to the list of possible subtitle languages and to remove unnecessary languages in order to lighten the list.

customize language options in the video subtitles.

Locking of technical user accounts

It is now impossible to delete user accounts used to manage free access to portals and the activation of scripts. This shall prevent any accidental deletion of these accounts necessary for the proper functioning of the components of your application.
Keepeek can perform this locking for customers hosted on our servers. For customers hosted on their own infrastructure, this setting is accessible to technical administrators.


– It was not possible to benefit from the CkEditor/Drupal plugin when there was more than one occurrence of rich html editor in the same settings page. This is now solved on the latest version of the CKEditor/Drupal 8 plugin.

– Users could be faced with an error message when deleting a user group if their application had been migrated from the old version of Keepeek (V3) to the new one. This problem has been fixed.

– We have updated the jquery library used by Keepeek on portals (version 3.5.1).

– We fixed the content of the notification email sent to the owner of a collaborative basket, which was previously confusing.

– In the label settings, drag & drop to reorder the labels has been disabled and replaced by an arrow system. Indeed, it happened that via drag & drop, a label would overwrite another one.

– We fixed a bug occurring in the embedding of a video: when customizing the display size, on some browsers, some embedded video display problems could occur.

– Keepeek now handles custom metadata separators when uploading assets which provide metadata automatically populating fields.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, February 3rd.