News about the 4.53 Keepeek release

Document version comparator

Already available for images and videos, the version comparator is now accessible for document type assets:

Document version comparator keepeek.

Available from the ‘Comments’ tab, the comparator provides a side by side view of the latest versions of an asset.

Evolutions in the Boards extension

Two evolutions in the Board extension have been implemented for this version:  

Sort criteria maintained from one session to another in the Boards list 

When changing the sorting order of the boards list, the choice is now saved from one session to another, thus avoiding having to re-sort the list each time.

Duplicating the board stakeholders

When you duplicate a board structure to start a new collaborative board, it is now possible to invite the same stakeholders in the same roles they had in the initial board.

Duplicate board structure with stakeholders in keepeek.

Save the link type displayed when browsing between assets

When going from one asset’s links to the next, the system used to root back to the default links. From now on, the displayed links remain on the same tab. 

Copy/Paste of formatted text fields now possible

The ‘formatted text’ fields are now available in the copy/paste indexing option.

Display the precise size of text files interior to 1Kb

The size of files smaller than 1KB will now be displayed in bytes (b) to gain accuracy. 

Patches to the administration interface

Empty line in the metadata Exif causing an offset

In the asset details, the metadata with the exif info can have entries present but with an empty value. This was causing a shift which is now fixed.

Impossible to remove the footer in the email personalization

The deletion of the footer was not taken into account until the next day. It is now effective as soon as the modification is processed.

API corrections

API user creation : User creation made through the API is now based on the default language of the instance and no longer in French.

Pagination problem when specifying an amount other than 10: it was not possible to retrieve more than 10 results at a time in the statistics through the API.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, February 24th.