News about the 4.55 Keepeek release

Hide fields or display them as ready-only

It is now possible to define that a field will not be visible or editable by users who are not administrators. In the field settings, checkboxes are provided to restrict visibility and/or editing to administrators only.

New widget: my advanced searches

A new widget can be added to the home page of the administration interface. Up to 10 advanced searches can be listed. The number of the corresponding search results is directly indicated, and the user can launch the search of their choice with just one click.

To add it to your home page, click in the menu under your name, then click on ‘my information’ and ‘homepage widgets’ in the left-hand menu.

Exit a collaborative basket

Users can now remove their own access to a collaborative basket shared with them. The bin icon is now available on all baskets. The basket remains available to other users, of course.

Mass express download

For users with mass operations rights, it is now possible to perform an express download on an entire search result (up to 5000 items).

Set rolling periods in the advanced search

In the advanced search, a new option is available for date type fields. You can define a rolling future period. For example, you may search for items that will expire in the next x days. This feature has also been developed in the API.

Administration interface fixes

– Several minor issues regarding the interface language have been fixed.

– A problem occurring when adding a user to a group if there was a time limit has been solved (the use case ‘awaiting activation’ could not be set up).

– In the workflow feature, the notifications on/off button appeared, just like in the baskets. It has been removed as the notifications in the workflows are only triggered when moving assets from one step to the next.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, April 7th