News about the 4.57 Keepeek release

New developments in the boards!

Add assets from the folder tree in a board

No need to use the clipboard to add assets from the folder tree in a Keepeek board! Directly from the board, you can search for items in the folder tree and add them in a board column. A new option ‘Add items from the folder tree’ is available in the column menu. This option displays the search interface already available in the links tab.

Delete boards in batches

It is now possible to select several boards and delete them in batches.

Please note: only boards where the user has a manager role can be deleted. Should the board have several managers, or if the user is only a contributor or can only view the board, they can only leave the collaborative sharing.

Admins can also delete boards by batch, even if they are not included in the board stakeholders.

3 evolutions for custom thumbnails

Enable the modification of custom thumbnails

It is now possible to edit existing custom thumbnails, in order to readjust the existing transformations, while maintaining the same url.

Alert message when a file is replaced if custom thumbnails exist

When replacing an asset’s original file, the user is now alerted if custom thumbnails exist for the asset, as these remain by default based on the previous version of the file.

Automatic regeneration of custom thumbnails when replacing the original file

When a file is replaced, in addition to being alerted that custom thumbnails exist, the user has the ability to regenerate those thumbnails. This ensures that all disseminated custom thumbnails are up to date on the latest version of the file.

This regeneration is optional as the replacement is not relevant if the custom thumbnail has been cropped, for example.

API corrections

Improved download performances

We have made optimisations to improve the performance of custom downloads triggered by the API.

Search problem with folder filter

A search with folder filters was causing impacts in terms of performance on the platform. We have fixed this issue.

Correction in the administration interface

Error message when downloading a chapter

Special caracters (accents, etc.) in video filenames were causing an error when downloading chapters. We have fixed this problem.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, May 19th