New Photoshop plugin set to delight graphic designers and communication specialists

shocking new Photoshop plugin is set to delight graphic designers and communication specialists If you work in graphic design or communication… don’t miss out on this! With the launch of its Version 3.7.14, Keepeek has tailored graphic content creation with a brand new function which helps facilitate the use of both Photoshop and the Keepeek interface. To tell you more about the development of this new plugin, Mathieu Rousselle, R&D engineer at Keepeek and passionate photographer, takes some time out to answer some questions about this project. Credit Mathieu Rousselle

Hello Mathieu, could you tell us when you first had the idea for this project?

The idea to integrate a native Photoshop plugin into the Kepeek tool is one that came about initially towards the end of 2014. We were hoping to allow those implicated in communication to work with a function that would facilitate their use of Photoshop and the Keepeek interface. By combining both tools, the user can benefit from an enormous amount of time saved and work with much more efficiency. This plugin was made available to users upon the release of Version 3.7.14 last April.

What functions have been implemented with this plugin?

The main function allows users to search for images found in the Keepeek interface directly from Photoshop. This means that users are no longer required to log in to Keepeek, but can complete a full text search from a display panel within Photoshop itself. The number of results appears and the user can then open the original media content and work directly on it. It also allows the possibility to filter a search according to a specific year, thesaurus, title, media type and so on. The search mode with the Keepeek Photoshop plugin

How does a user connect if they want to make use of this plugin?

It’s simply an additional function that we’ve put into place. When a user is connected to Photoshop, they can enter their personal details (Keepeek interface URL, username and password) and a “Remember me” option will be displayed. This means a user is automatically recognized and the information will no longer be requested when they close and reopen Photoshop.

How do you install this function?

It’s very easy – simply retrieve the installation file, execute and it will automatically appear in the list of extensions. Adobe has everything required for the smooth integration of this plugin.

Do you envisage any more plugins in the future?

The whole concept behind a tool such as Keepeek is to remain ever open to options. We are already offering integration mechanisms through API Restful. We’ve also developed a plugin for the Microsoft Office suite, a Sharepoint plugin and integration with CMS Drupal. There’s no stopping us now! New plugins will be available before the end of this year… but I don’t want to say any more for the moment!