The benefits of a SaaS solution in Digital Asset Management

Saas de Digital Asset Management You wish to streamline the management of all your digital resources as well as normalize and automate marketing processes. Therefore, you are interested in the collaborative Digital Asset Management. But with all the solutions available on the market, which one is better for your needs? Should you choose a software installed on your servers or a Digital Asset Management system as a SaaS solution? Before making any decision, quickly evaluate the benefits of SaaS to ensure valorisation of your digital resources. First, what is SaaS? SaaS (Software as a service) is different from traditional software as a product. SaaS software are accessible remotely and hosted outside the company. ou pay a subscription for the right to access and use the software. For a DAM solution, the subscription costs usually depend on the number of users and data storage capacity. Considering the amount of data and the necessity for an evolutive service, the SaaS solution is completely adapted to DAM. But what about it more specifically? You are free from hosting and maintenance! The solution update is made by the provider on a scheduled upstream. You are totally free from any technical issues. Everything is transparent for your company. Updates are planned on slots which do not interfere with your activity. You will not lose time internally for maintenance of your DAM solution. Your costs are clearly identified and controled. With the « all inclusive » subscription, you are exempt from bad surprises and avoid any risk that thesituation could get out of control. As a rule, this one includes : – rights to the platform (licence) – Maintenance and technical assistance – New feature access- Updates A SaaS subscription includes the totality of services and offer a complete visibility on cost for short and long term. You benefit from a greater upgradability New features are regularly added to SaaS solutions. All users automatically benefit from it. For example, the Keepeek platform provides new features every month that benefit all the user community. Storage capacity for hosting resources adjusted to your needs. More flexible, aDAM solution SaaS is better suited to your needs and your business growth. Do you need more storage for your digital resources? Do you want to add new users? With a SaaS platform, You will just have to upgrade your account. You earn some freedom A browser and internet connection are enough to access a SaaS solution. They can even be adapted to mobile use. A SaaS platform is totally responsive. Therefore, you can access your data wherever and whenever you need to. A SaaS Digital Asset Management solution is totally adapted for users in telework, for example. It is also convenient when you want to access documents during a meeting. Your data is better protected As part of a SaaS solution, providers are in charge of hosting data, therefore they are in charge of data security. It is for them the primary issue. A team of experts is usually dedicated to it. Test without further delay our SaaS solution for Digital Asset Management!