Fondation du Patrimoine

The Fondation du Patrimoine strengthens its communication with Keepeek 360°!

The fondation du patrimoine strengthens its communication with Keepeek 360 The Fondation du Patrimoine (‘Heritage Foundation’) is a non-profit independent and private organization created in France under the Act of 2 July, 1996. Its mission consists of the preservation and improvement of the nation’s unprotected rural heritage. Initiated by the Foundation’s communications department, the implementation of a media management system (photos, videos, documents) has been entrusted to Keepeek The Fondation du Patrimoine has an extensive iconographic collection. For each project, a great many photos are used for communication on or monitoring of construction/development sites. The use of photos actively promotes the organization’s finest achievements. For the classification of this huge collection of visuals, a powerful photo management software program is essential. The communication department found a high-performing, intuitive and simple solution: Keepeek library software. The Keepeek scalable offer, hosted on its “clouds” allowed the Fondation du Patrimoine to rapidly deploy its project. The assistance from the Keepeek teams also meant that relevant and appropriate support was available in terms of correctly organizing the photo bank. We are delighted to contribute in our own small way to what we see as an incredible public service. Would you like to participate in some of the projects run by the Fondation du Patrimoine? If so, please visit: