The new features of version 4.28.0 will give you fresh ideas!


– Get your bags ready! Keepeek has concocted an internationalized editorial.

– Save time and get to your vacation faster thanks to the pre-generated thumbnails feature! 

– Before you go off to soak up the sun, optimise your media through alerts to an administrator! 

– The API is also benefiting from the sun’s rays as it continues to grow. Discover our latest innovations !

📅 Find out every new features  of the 4.28.0 version on the cloud starting 6 August! 📅

👍 A very fluent editorial!👍

For some companies located abroad, having access to Keepeek in multiple languages is a priority. 

Thanks to the improvement of our editorial, you can now internationalize it. The display is now determined by the data language of the user connected to the homepage.

A minor evolution that will change the lives of your non-French speaking employees.

⚡ Pre-generated thumbnails for express formats! ⚡

Between print campaigns and social networks, the formats for your media are becoming more and more numerous! To simplify the life of your graphic team, we are offering you the solution of a pre-generated thumbnails feature.

As soon as your media is uploaded, permalink formats are automatically generated. They can be found in the media detail in the share tab. 

To download them, just click on the download button and, choose a thumbnail format from the original format! This will mean significant time savings for your creative team who will no longer need to download the original format and then modify it.

On the administrator side of the Back Office, you can configure the thumbnail formats according to the media and the download level.

But don’t forget to edit the name of your thumbnails so that it is displayed according to the data language of the connected user.

☀️The alert administrator feature is evolving: how to do a great summer clean-up!☀️

With this enhanced feature, users with contribution rights can report an error on a media file from the Front Office with incredible accuracy.
All this from the media detail or from its thumbnail!

The recipients of this alert can be configured from the Back Office by administrators via first level folders.

Say goodbye to obsolete, unsuitable or unusable media!

✨ More innovations to the API!✨

For this version, the API has added a new functionality!

It is giving you the possibility to utilise OAuth connection.

This is a protocol which allows you to authorise an application (for example Keepeek) to use the secure API of another application (for example Facebook).

The user can therefore connect using the same login and password.

👷 To benefit from the improvements to your user portals, please contact your Keepeek Account Manager.